Perseverance Pays??

Is this really gonna happen? FAQS!

About 3x a day I wonder what the hell I'm doing with this. I hear, "you can't do that". But that's not true. Most of the time you can, but it will take forever, be a huge pain, and cost a lot of money! But you can't make a dream a reality without getting thrown some curveballs.  Here is my why:

Why Spirits? How did you get in to this?

I am a science girl who wants to be an artist. This lets me do that. I got handed some moonshine by a friend at a wedding 4 years ago, and the seed was planted.  I started by reading, reading, reading. Reading blogs, reading websites, reading books. I have also listened to tons of podcasts, visited a lot of distilleries, and followed around a lot of distillers. Its a small community and the people are awesome.

I'm also really excited to build something from nothing and to be able to show my kids what hard work is and what it can do. I expect they will get really sick of hauling sacks of corn, but that's ok.

Yeah, but do you know what you are doing?

No, and no. But I'm learning! When you first start exploring the idea of making spirits,  you are overwhelmed.  There is a lot of fun stuff (shiny stills! pretty IG pics! making tasty things with your own hands!) and lots of not fun stuff (spreadsheets! market research! hydrometers! specific gravity!). But everyday I learn something new, and everyday I'm more convinced that I made the right choice in pursuing this dream. I officially started this journey 2 years ago when I did my first weekend distillers course at Black Button Distilling, and I have learned so much since then. But like my other career, medicine, you can never know it all. It's definitely a life-long learner career.

What are you going to make?

Gin, whiskey, liqueurs, and lots of fun fun stuff! I want the Hitch Hall tasting room to be the best place in town for a cocktail, low ABV cocktail, mocktail, or hand made soda for the kiddos.  I love that I can make whatever I want, by hand.

2 thoughts on “Perseverance Pays??”

  1. We are so excited for you and for this venue! Growing up here, moving away, and coming back to raise a family, we have always said that this town had soooo much potential! It’s been awesome to see all the new places on the square and around town and we anxiously await the opening of Hitch Hall!

  2. We are so excited to see this hard work pay off and put a gem of fun and libations on our beautiful town square!!!

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